Getting Lost

One of my favorite things about Facebook is the Memories feature that shows up in your newsfeed everyday, and last week I got to relive the trip to Monaco I took a year ago. Looking through the photos, there was one post that really struck me. A friend had inspired me to do daily random travel thoughts and this was one of them: “4. Best part of heading off to Italy yesterday? Just winging it. Dealing with missed busses, delayed trains, no real plans for what to do/where to go while I was there.”

Those words jumped out at me and made me pause. I hadn’t been “lost” since that day. In all my travel, I had a plan and pretty much knew where I was going to go and what I was going to see. That day in Italy was such a welcome, refreshing change of pace and I instantly craved it. Knowing my travel budget is limited to soccer events and college visits this summer, I decided to get lost in my hometown today.


Ironically, I really did get lost. I had a couple of places in mind I wanted to explore, but I messed up a few key details that took me to the wrong location. I’d read about the Historic Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh a few weeks ago and thought it might be something interesting to check out on my own. However, I googled City Cemetery and ended up in the wrong place. Instead of backtracking, I figured I’d hit the next stop on my list and head to the Farmer’s Market instead.

I thought I knew where to go, but it turns out, not so much. However, I ended up driving through some neighborhoods I’d never seen before and it was fun to see the houses and great architecture. I know Raleigh is a good residential city, but until today I had never spent time in any of those neighborhoods, so didn’t really know where they were or what they looked like.

Arriving at the Farmers Market, my eyes were treated to the bountiful colors of a summer harvest. It truly is a feast for your eyes before the feast for your tastebuds. I enjoyed having the time without the crowds to wander from stall to stall, checking out the food on display and even meandered through Market Imports, which has a great collection of home and garden items.

After loading up my car, I decided to venture back to my original quest. This time, I found the cemetery without any issue. There are a lot of famous North Carolinians buried there, but what I found was a beautiful, historical, peaceful setting in the midst of the city. The quiet that surrounded me just permeated the air. Looking at some incredibly ornate gravestones, I also realized how much history was all around me.


It was an interesting morning, for sure. Not something I’d normally do and given the rather complicated way I ended up there, provided a bit of an adventure. What I realized is that getting lost is good sometimes. Whether it is intentional or by accident, not knowing what you are going to do next can be a really good thing.

For me, this break from my job is about taking advantage of these kinds of days and finding these unexpected moments. I know this fuels my creativity and nourishes my soul in a way that travel usually fills. To find it in my own backyard is exactly what I need right now.

Oh, and before I go, I think this was my most favorite thing I saw all day:


Yep, just sitting there in someone’s front yard. Keep it weird, Raleigh!


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